About Will

SleepyWill is a leading website that researches, writes about and reviews all things related to sleep.

Will fully understands how, as someone whose favorite hobby is napping, it is important to select the right mattress for your particular needs. After all, there is nothing worse than spending hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on a bed, only to find out that it has a propensity to give you backache or worse!

Whether you are looking to buy a better quality mattress, you want to compare brands or you simply wish to improve your sleep hygiene, Will can guide you in making the best and most informed decision.

All Will’s reviews are completely objective, unbiased and fair, making them the ideal go-to place for gathering information and learning more about sleep products. Will has a very open mind and does not discriminate when deciding to review a brand, so you can be assured of non-judgmental, honest and open feedback.

Since the average person spends 3000 hours sleeping in any given year, even though Will is a fun guy, he knows that you have to get this right and that a no-nonsense approach is always better.

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