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The idea seems amazing yet a little astonishing to people who live in areas with hot or somehow mild weather. However, when it comes to places like Canada, some regions of America, and United Kingdom, the use of the electric blanket is much due to the severe cold seasons. However, despite of having almost same sort of atmospheric challenges, we find still electric blankets, their formation, and way of use differs specifically between US, Canada, and United Kingdom.

What is an Electric Blanket?

If, we need to define Electric Blankets as per the definition to explain their function, one can say that these are more like heating devices that keeps the bed warm before and during sleep. These Electric Blankets are made with chips that produce heat. They come in the form of fabric sheets that are sometimes placed under or over the bed set. Despite of having same formation, the use of electric blankets differs between American, Canadians, and British. The main difference is that:

“In America and Canada, during cold season, electric blanket is placed on the edge of the bed and below there will be mattresses, bedsheets, and foam etc. while in United Kingdom, Electric Blankets are spread below the bottom sheet.”
Despite of being used in a different way, the main function of an electric blanket is same in all cold regions where it is used and that is to keep the person and the bed warm during or before sleep.

“Here is an interesting piece of information you would love to read regarding Electric Blankets is that the first ever electric blanket was made more than hundred years ago by an American named Samuel Irwin Russel. It was an Under Bed Blanket however provided the basis for Electric Heated Blankets that we use now”.

The Formation and Functioning of an Electric Blanket:

Electric Blankets work no different than heating pads as there are insulated electric wires and heating elements are interleaved in the serpentine structures and later fabric layers is weaved all over. They come with external plugs to take electric charge and when these are plugged into a power source, the wired start to insulate and produce heat. Best thing is:

• Electric Blankets come with remotes or controller units using which temperature of the blanket can be adjusted.
• In modern Electric Blankets, carbon fiber wires are used which are less bulky and weighty but more comforting.

Advantages of Using Electric Blankets:

• Electric Blankets use less energy and produce equivalent heats that you would get from heaters or the fireplaces. You can see drastic differences in the bills.
• Electric Blankets keep your bodies warm without harming atmosphere as they are totally ecofriendly products.
• You don’t need to take so many blankets over and over to get warm and feel asthmatic at night because a single layer of Electric Blankets will do the chaos to keep you warm whole night.
• Modern Electric Blankets for double beds come with different control unites so that people laying on either side can adjust their customized temperature.
• Warmth produced through Electric Blankets is proven to be therapeutic and a good sheath against the germs, viruses, backaches, and other body aches.

Why You Should Buy Electric Blankets Rather than Heated Throws?

Many times people have been seen confused in the markets while deciding between warming products like Electric Blankets and Heated Throws. Here are some differences that make Electric Blankets a better purchase than the heated throw:
1. Ease of Use:
If you go for buying heated throws, you cannot use it along with your partner because they are made for a sole person’s use. Moreover, you cannot sleep in a heated throw because it keeps you warm more like a jacket. On the other hand, an Electric Blanket will keep you, your partner, and even your pet on the bed warm because they cover the whole bed and produce excellent warmth.
2. Greatness in Size:
Once again, heated throws are designed for single person specifically to use while you are sitting on chairs, reading books, on watching TV. The size is too tiny to keep you warm and you cannot share it with anyone else. Contrary to this, Electric Blankets are vast in size and they can give warmth to many people at one time.

How to Choose Best Electric Blankets?

If you have decided to buy electric heated blankets for your home, before making a purchase, I would like you consider some points given below to get yourself an excellent product:

• Pick the blanket and try to rub it around your face and arms and neck where your skin is soft. Make sure the texture is cozy.
• Pick an Electric Blanket that’s easy to wash, easy to use, and easy to keep.
• Pick an Electric Blanket that comes with different control units so that you and the partner both can have comforting sleep according to each other’s body requirements.
• Make sure bring price in consideration and never buy a product that’s too expensive.
• Don’t forget about warranties because a good electric blanket should last for at least five long years.
• Make sure the Electric Blanket you choose doesn’t come without ETL or UL to ensure safety.

Some safety precautions to consider:

Now you have brought your excellent product home, here are some safety renewals to consider to keep your product lasting and keep you out of danger because no matter what you will be sleeping in the state from where electric current is passing.

• Do not let infants and people with disability to sit on blankets for too long alone.
• Avoid surfaces that can pinch the wires and cause accidents like armchairs, sofa beds, and adjustable beds etc.
• Never let your pets play on the blankets as they can tear it up with their paws and teeth.
• Turn off blankets when not using.
• Store them at good place during summers but never loop the cord around the blanket.

These things will keep you out of damage and increase your blankets stay period.

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