Top 10 List: Best King Size Mattress of 2020 [Definitive List]

Best King Size Mattresses

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Get the Best King Mattress for Your Money

The King mattress goes a bit above and beyond mattresses of comparable size- a large comfortable bed gives you the ability to roll around, stretch, and feel much more at ease when you want to start getting some shut eye. Compared to other mattresses, the king sized mattress has been making a comeback in recent years. The large frame of a king sized bed means more space for sleepers to enjoy and that the material usage of such mattresses are often a bit more luxury than say a twin. I can remember my own time in college; the XL Twins in nearly every dorm were like thin pads that just supported us while we weren’t awake. Now, my own king sized mattress is its own piece of heaven- if I don’t have to leave it I won’t! Furthermore, the King Sized mattress is perfect to share with significant others, kids who want to nestle up after waking from a bad dream, or even your pet who seems like they always want to be right underneath while you’re asleep! Qualities like these make the king sized mattress preferable for consumers who want to splurge an extra bit on luxury and comfort.

Thus, the old cliché runs true: if you’re going to spend anywhere from a third to a quarter of your life sleeping, you want it to be on the best quality mattress you can afford. This brief guide will help you become better acquainted with ways to determine which king sized mattress is best for you! First, let’s take a look at some things you should consider when making a purchase. ask yourself with honesty- what kind of sleeper am I? Do I have issues sleeping on firm mattresses, or do I prefer them? Is back pain an issue you want your bed to alleviate? What about your general temperature- do you easily get too hot while asleep? Questions like these can help you narrow down the field of choice before you even get to considering things like price, and often go a long way in the search process.

Key Factors for a King Mattress

Now that we have this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most common qualities consumers and reviewers consider when searching for a King sized mattress.
Firmness is a mattresses ability to provide support. Generally, firmness is not the same as support- that is to say it firmness is more easily identified as being analogous to the “texture” of a mattress Instead Think of it as a sort of “bounce-back-ability” of the mattress you are sleeping on, and generally describes how hard or soft the bed is. It’s one of the first things you feel when lying down and can easily be the most important. While there is no measured index of just how firm mattresses are, a good rule of thumb is to understand your own quirks and preferences- things like age, weight, gender, and body type contribute to how comfortable you will perceive a mattress that is either firm or non firm. If you’re physically in a mattress store, take advantage of the ability to try out multiple beds and se exactly what the variance is in their firmness!


The quality of a mattress can and should be noted as well. Consider how much edge support the mattress will have (for those of us that like to sit on the edge of our beds). If you are sleeping with a partner, note if motion transfer is isolated or seems to run throughout the bed. For sleepers who toss and turn or even those who can be awakened by the most minimal of movement, getting a mattress which mitigates motion transfer can be essential as to not disturb one’s own rest. Lastly, consider the three major types of mattresses: coiled, foam, or gel. The type of mattress can very well affect the above, as foam mattresses are often more motion isolating than ones that are coil, but can also be noticeably more difficult to rotate. Also to note, the higher the spring/coil amount in a given mattress of that variety tend to be the more comfortable (and expensive).


A Warranty is the assurance by a manufacturer/seller that any product which is purchased by a consumer and fails to meet its ability for proper use, usually in a specific time frame, will be replaced by the manufacturer. This is arguably one of the most important factors in purchasing a mattress outside of its physical factors. Because mattresses are often expensive purchases, make sure to search for a mattress with a good warranty. Although many mattresses serve the tenure of their existence in owner’s home relatively well, being aware of and having a quality warranty can help to replace mattresses that may start to sag, tear or wear. Many manufacturers cover problems including excessive sagging (ore than ¾ of an inch), excessive or abnormal splitting, and tearage, coils and support which break, and unusually clumping or bunching. With this said, damages caused by activities like moving, pet damage, usage, and generally other forms of owner cause damage are not covered by warranties. Consider who has the best customer support/service so in the case you DO need to replace your mattress it can be mostly hassle free. It should also be noted, certain activities can even void a warranty, like stains (which can damage the fabric of the mattress), using one’s mattress without proper support, and exchanges between third parties (i.e. selling your mattress to someone else), among other examples. Make sure you completely understand what can get your warranty voided!

Additionally, many companies offer free trials in varying lengths- typically between a month to 100 days. These can be perfect to test out a bed you may be skeptically about, giving you a good way to narrow down your idea of what type of mattress you’d like to use. Then, one can consider special features or amenities they would prefer in their mattress. Does the mattress in question have good air flow, the ability to “breathe”, offer good lumbar support for back sleepers, or help to dissipate heat? This is the perfect place to make such considerations.


Finally, to round things off, let’s consider some drawbacks of owning a king sized mattress. King Sized mattresses come in standard sizes of 76’ by 80’ frames, which is about 42 square feet of space. As such, a reasonably larger (master) bedroom is needed to fit a king sized mattress comfortably in its parameters, with many suggesting a room of at least 12 by 10 feet. And then you have to consider moving the thing- how many flights of stairs or doorframes are you going to risk scraping, tearing or damaging the mattress to get it to its location? Of course, movers or a delivery service can take away some of this strain, but moving said mattress inside of one’s home may be a bit difficult. This can also factor into meeting the need of rotating or flipping ones mattress when designated by warranty standards and instructions. Also, note that a California king sized mattress and standard king mattresses are not the same in terms of size and dimensions. While the very name California may conjure up some image of extra luxury, California king mattresses function similar to the XL Twin- they are made with a longer length, and in turn for consumers who are taller. The width is also shorter. As such, California King sized mattresses measure 72’ by 84’- meaning sheets between the frames won’t transfer.

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