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Features to look for while buying a Sofa Bed

Sofa BedA sofa bed also known as sleeper sofa, sleeper or sleep sofa, is a furniture that serves two functions as the name suggests i.e. sofa and bed. It turns your living room into a sleeping room. You can place them in your guest room, office, studio etc. Basically anywhere! If you are thinking of buying or replacing your old uncomfortable sofas then there is no better option than a sofa bed. Sofa bed is way better than a sofa in many ways such as

  • It is as comfortable as a sofa. Those days are gone when sofa beds disturbed your sleepfuton sofa bed or caused insomnia. They have gotten better with growing technology.
  • It serves two functions instead of one i.e. sofa and bed.
  • It has space saving feature unlike regular sofas. If you do not have enough space in your house/ apartment then this is your best option.
  • It is as beautiful as a sofa but like a better version of it.
  • Sofa beds are even available in traditional sofa styles as well now. Some people want their house to look traditional and sofa beds fulfil your need too.
  • It comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. You can choose it according to your style and taste.
  • It is as comfortable as any real bed. They are soft and has fiber for sift support and plump feathers for soft squashy look.
  • It is great for guests and sleepovers in general. You wouldn’t have to worry about where they would sleep.
  • It is budget friendly because if you really think about it, it is serving you two purposes.

pull out sofa bedSofa beds evolution

At first, sofa beds or sleeper sofas were super uncomfortable. They were heavy and were not easy to move. They took more space and no one could really sleep on them as they caused disturbance, back pain and even insomnia. They were not easy to transform into a bed; they needed a lot of hard work.

But the time has changed and so have these things. Thanks to modern designs and intelligent furniture designers, sofa beds have changed drastically. They are now perfect for sitting as well as sleeping. They provide as much comfort as a bed and sofa. Moreover they come in handy.

Things to know before buying a sofa bedsofa bed mattress

Knowing the types of sofa beds before buying them is extremely important. This way you will know which one is best for you and serves the purpose that you need.

Futons – Futons sofa beds are extremely light weight. All you need to do in order to set it up is to unfold by releasing a hinge on the seat and the back will become flat and its mattress can also be folded in half. Impressive, isn’t it? There are further types of futons but most common one bifold futon. Opening it is like opening a book; the seat base and back support lay flat with mattress on top.

sectional sofa bed• Pull out – This type of sofa beds are easy to set up and comes in handy. It already has a mattress inside. To set it up, you place the cushions aside, pull out the bed and flip it. And Voila! Its done. They have metal legs which supports the bed. They are perfect when you need to arrange emergency set ups for sleepovers but keep one thing in mind i.e. see the size of the sofa when it turns into a bed.

• Sectional sofa beds – They are multi piece sofa and are usually L and U shaped and have a pull out drawer which contains an extra mattress. They come in all different sizes, styles and materials. They are easy to move and have fixtures to keep them in place.

• Convertible sofa beds – This type of sofa beds does not contain any mattress. The couch and pillows serves that purpose. The comfortableness depends on what kind of quality they have but they are not as much comfortable as others.
Features to look in sofa beds while buying

• Good quality and easy mechanism – You should see how easily the sofa turns into a bedbest sofa bed i.e. its opening and closing mechanism. It has a strong structure and the parts will not break easily. It should lift out smoothly and should have a fixture or lock to keep them in place as sofa and as bed too.

• Test the mattress – Check how comfortable and firm the mattress is because it is the crux of it all. Uncomfortable mattress can lead to back pain. It should support hips, shoulders and back properly. It does not matter if the mattress is thin or thick. Often times the thin mattresses are more comfortable than the thick ones. So do a mattress quality check first.

• Frame of the sofa bed – It should have hardwood frames that’s for sure and it should be either of kiln- dried hardwood or combination of furniture grade plywood and hardwood. Never buy sofa beds made up of soft woods or pine.

convertible sofa bed• Visual inspection – Obviously it should look good according to the place in which you are going to place it. Check its dimensions and size too. See how much space it will take when converted into a bed or will it fit your house etc.

• Test the sofa beds – Testing is essential. Try opening and closing it a few times, check different sleeping and sitting positions to get a better idea of how convenient it is.

• Warranty – It should definitely have warranty and this way you can see how durable the sofa bed is going to be.


Sofa beds are hands down the best thing you can buy for your house’s furniture. They offer everything that you need in a sofa as well as bed. You can also customize them according to requirement i.e. quality, style and features. Anything at all.

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