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Best Queen Size Mattresses

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I was astonished and confused regarding various types of mattresses when I first got married and decided to shopping for a new queen mattress with my wife. We were on a shopping trip to buy stuff for our bedroom when a Mattress seller showed me a huge selection of mattresses and asked me which one I would like to buy. I was alien to the terms because I didn’t had much idea regarding this….

This is a scenario that we often experience. However, choosing a good mattress is as important to sleep as oxygen to breathe. Though lights, temperature of room, and other factors matter however if you don’t have an ideal mattress, you will not be able to sleep and hence your all next day tasks and routine will get disturbed. Therefore, whenever you go on buying mattress, make sure to know each and everything about a product you are intending to consider.

Among many mattress types, Queen Mattresses are considered as of the coziest mattresses for a bed of two. These come with so many benefits and play a vital role in your sleep so that you don’t wakeup cramped. Here is detailed guide on Queen Mattresses:

What is a Queen Mattress?

The Queen Size Mattress is named as this because of its ideal sizing and a right choice between King Size mattress and Full Size mattress. The size of queen size mattress is usually 60 by 80 where 60 belongs width while 80 represents length. Along with this, when we talk about thickness, density, or the depth of a Queen Mattress, it can reach up to 16 inches while starts from 9 inches. It means, neither the lowest depth is low and will give you a good space to plunge in flock of foam.

Types of Queen Mattresses:

As the technology evolves, everything gets better and more complex with time. Moreover, when evolution grows even more, to lessen complexity, everything is divided into further types and branches. It is just like science that used to be science at start and later divides into physics, chemistry, and biology and when further divided even each three types get their subtypes. So, the different types you can get in queen size mattresses are:

California Queen Mattress

When you are taller than normal, your bed would be larger in size and so should be your blanket. A California Queen Mattress is the one that comes with larger lengths of 84 inches.

Olympic Queen

If you are someone who sleeps too widely on the bed and keeps moving all over the place, you need a wider space to rest and here comes Olympic Queen Mattress that gives you 66 inches width.

Split Queen 

Split mattress is the one in which you get two mattresses, both offering the total length in a combining way. For example, you get two different 30 inch and 80 inch mattresses that you can use separately or combined.

Coiling Queen Mattress

This type of Queen Mattress is more related to the formation. In this, design of the mattress is made by using coiling systems so that you can sleep in right posture.

Foam Queen Mattress

When you need a densely thick Queen Mattress in which you can plunge comfortably, Foam Queen Mattress is the thing you need.

Hybrid Queen Mattress

Hybrid Queen Mattresses are a combination between foam and coiled queen mattresses as they have quality of both and let you float on your bed during sleep.

Why Should You Choose Queen Mattresses?

Well, one should choose Queen Mattresses because of their enormous benefits. The benefits you get from a Queen Mattress are:

• Queen mattresses are huge in size that makes them ideal for sleeping with a partner. When you want to sleep together yet you don’t want to compromise on the sleeping space, Queen Mattresses come handy.

• The formation sizing of a Queen Size Mattress is ideal that offers you huge space in its 8-0 by 60 size yet covers the space in compact way unlike King Mattresses where you need larger space and bigger beds.

• With Queen Mattresses, you are able to sleep in an ideal body posture and you will not feel cramps after waking up. These mattresses make you feel like you are floating on water as the surface adjusts ideally with the different weights of different body parts on bed.

• All with this, you don’t find such wide variety of types in any other mattress than a Queen Mattress.

Now, if you are convinced to purchase Queen Mattress, still before leaving this page, I would like to recommend you some points to consider so that you end up purchasing an ideal product:

1. First of all, you will have to mark in your head the size of the Queen Mattress you need. As you get wide variety of choice between sizes, make sure you purchase the one that suits your needs.
2. Secondly, before making a decision, try to lay on the mattress, and press your body against the foam. Does it hurt or feels comfy? If you are comfortable and feels relaxing, this is going to be your ideal choice.
3. Covering your Queen Size Mattress should be checked twice for hygiene purpose. Covers should be washable as well as strand with the bug infestation and should come with sweat proofing abilities. This thing is necessary to keep it hygiene.
4. You will also have to consider the price. Though brands offer a uniform price for their Queen Mattresses however if you would go over different shops and bargain in a wise way, you can surely stop on a good rate.
5. Last but not least, never forgo the warranty. Mattresses are not something you buy every day. Try to buy a mattress with at least five years warranty period however the more is better.

Bottom Line

This is all about Queen Mattresses. We have discussed here what it is, what are its types, its advantages and a good buying guide. Hopefully, the information would come handy when you go for shopping.

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