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If you’ve ever heard or seen a mattress commercial, certain lines and brands pop right into your head with little hesitation. Names like Sealy Mattress and Serta are at the fore when mentioned by advertisements, and are considered by most consumers to be the hallmark of the trade. In this article, we’ll look at one of those brands, the Sealy Mattress, and see what kinds of products they offer which make them a popular option for those in search of a new mattress!

I love a good origin story, and Sealy Corporation has that gritty, build-yourself-up feel that most Americans can respect and relate to. Beginning in 1881, in the small town of Sealy Mattress, Texas Daniel Hayes, a cotton gin builder began to create cotton-filled mattresses for friends and neighbors. A side job and pastime, by 1889, he patented a machine which compressed cotton for use in his mattresses, eventually licensing the machine to other companies in lieu of capital. Instead of dwelling on his inability to purchase land and resources to create more mattresses under his own name, other manufacturers eagerly applied for and used his licensed to create these “mattresses from Sealy”. By 1906, Hayes sold the patents and techniques to an advertising executive Earl Edwards, and the company hasn’t looked back since. In that span, Sealy Mattress has procured numerous awards and honors. With help from its NATA accredited Research and Development Center, Sealy has ensured top quality, durability and comfort for customers, and frequently brings home awards even now, boasting several annual awards from sites like US News in terms of quality and cost. So, without further ado, let’s begin our analysis of what kind of products Sealy offers and which line works best for you!

Generally, Sealy Mattress sells three lines of mattresses form consumer purchase, with varying material construction and quality. All Sealy mattresses are posturpedic meaning they are developed with help from orthopedic professionals to provide extra support from the middle of the mattress to reduce stress on the outer parts of the body. The Response line is the company’s traditional innerspring mattress product, while the Conform line is the company’s foam line. A hybrid blend of mattresses also exists. In these lines, several collections exist which allow consumers to be selective with firmness levels, material construction, and overall price. Each line offers varying forms of thickness and firmness, while Sealy generally recommends box springs to support most mattresses.

The first line we’ll consider is the innerspring line, the traditional mattress model containing coils and springs which support the frame of the mattress. Sealy Mattress Innerspring mattresses are unique in that they contain individually wrapped coils to reduce motion transfer and isolate movement. Additionally, these mattresses also contain a layer of foam cushion on the top to provide com. Looking at specifics, the response Essential mattress, the base level for Sealy mattresses additionally contains foam that improves airflow and reinforced border along the edge for those who may have trouble getting out of bed or simply enjoy sitting along the edge while performing activities like watching TV or tying one’s shoes. The Performance mattress is the next step up from the base model. US News rates this particular line and level as the best budget mattress of 2019 and best innerspring mattress of 2019. This mattress contains the same foam as the Essential level, but also includes gel foam for additional support. The coil system contains an advance hourglass shape, where coils are pocketed and independent of one another to provide targeted support. All other features from the prior model are found in this mattress as well. Finally, the Premium level is the most lavish with a price hump of around 400% compared to the essential model. This model offers all aforementioned features with even more specific levels of targeting and comfort from the Performance line.

The conform line of Sealy mattresses is the all foam line. Mattresses in this line combine the comfortable and body hugging feel of memory foam, gel foams that provide cooling and temperature relief and high density foams that ensure proper spine alignment. The Essential line contains the same top layer of memory foam as the innerspring line while the inside of the mattress is supported with the aforementioned gel foams to help contour to the body. This mattress does not contain the reinforced edge system the innerspring line contains, so if this feature is important to you, but you wish to utilize the comfort feel of a foam mattress, consider the hybrid line which will be explored later. Performance mattresses of this line add the posturpedic parameters to provide support towards the center of the mattress where most of your body weight comes to rest. Another layer of gel memory foam is added on top of the memory foam layer to give a cooling sensation and effect, so this mattress can be ideal for sleepers who frequently find it hard to sleep because of excess body heat. The Premium model combines all aforementioned quality along with an additional cooling gel in the mattress cover and is the most luxurious item in the line.

Finally, the Hybrid line balances the combination of innerspring models with foam support of the conform line. Support from the inner coils and springs are met with comfort of the foam top layer to give sleepers a balance of spinal alignment and regenerative rest. This line also features a build-up of coils and springs in the center of the mattress to further posturpedic support, a reinforced edge, and slower response memory foam to promote airflow and coolness. The Essential model contains all of the aforementioned properties but is only available in a firm texture. The Performance model functions like its namesake in other lines, offering the premium most material, construction, and luxury at a higher cost.
Outside of these material considerations, Sealy Mattress also provides ten year limited warranties that exclude personal damages. Check to see what defects are included in the warranty, such as excessive sagging and its specific threshold, tearage, coils and support which break, and unusual clumping or bunching. With this said, damages caused by activities like moving, pet damage, usage, and generally other forms of owner cause damage are not covered by warranties. Certain activities can also void a warranty, like stains (which can damage the fabric of the mattress), using one’s mattress without proper support, and exchanges between third parties (i.e. selling your mattress to someone else), among other examples. Cleaning the mattress ought to be done with mild soaps and water while avoiding dry cleaning which can damage the mattress (and thus negate the warranty). In addition, many warranties also stress that improper rotation or failure to do so during a periodic basis can void the warranty of a mattress. Consider these parameters when opting to buy foam mattresses especially, because their heavy weight can often make it difficult for consumers to properly rotate.

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