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Top 10 Best Sleeper Sofas

A Complete Guide to Buy Best Sleeper Sofa for Your Room

Sleeper Sofas are part of the furniture in every home. Just like the room bed is essential along with chairs to sit for relaxing and work, the sleeper sofa is also very important. Although you put it just on one end of the room, that setting does not make it less worthy to used or never diminishes its utility. Every person likes to buy the best sleeper sofa for themselves, especially in their personal room just because it gives very easy small-time sleep that you usually need. You get it from anywhere in the market of furniture, but you must be very careful about buying it. Although it is just one piece of the sofa, it requires you to be equipped enough in terms of knowledge and know-how about them in order to get the best one.

This article is majorly about the sleeping sofa that people like to buy for their living rooms, as well as their personal rooms. There is no such science in buying it, but there are a few features that you have to keep in mind while you go shopping. This will help you buy the right design, perfect size, and a comfortable style which goes exactly according to your needs. So, to learn about buying the best sofa sleeper, Sleepy Will has created this detailed guide. You just have to stay with us until the end of the article.

Features to Consider While Choosing the Best Sleeper Sofa for Your Room

There are so many features of the sleeper sofa that you must consider before buying it for your room. It is a very simple and easy task that you can perform in the best possible easy in order to get the right sofa for your room. Also, if you want to enjoy having it in your room, then you must know about the given points in detail. Let’s get started with these features one by one.

1. Perfect Size

Well, the size of the sofa is a very important factor that you have to keep in mind when you are searching for the sleeper sofa to buy for your room. The first thing to keep in mind is the size that you need according to your needs, and according to the size of your room. You have to keep in mind that if the size of your room is large, then you can afford to have a giant sleep sofa in it. While if it is small then having large size sleep sofa would mess up the look of the room and will also be of no use for you. So, having a small-sized room requires you to have a sleep sofa according to it. So, keep this point in mind while you go for buying it for your room. The standard size of the sleep sofa that comes sis no more than 6 to 8 feet, but you can customize it according to your requirements. The width should be comfortable, even if the sleep sofa is of small size. It should at least accommodate you comfortably when you lay on it to relax.

2. Comfortable Mattress

The best-rated sleeper sofa has this feature for sure. Else, you cannot rate it as one of the best ones to buy. Now, when you start using the sofa for sleeping or relaxing, you will only be bothered by its comfort. The comfort of the sleep sofa depends on the mattress of which it is made. You have to keep in mind that the mattress should be made with material that gives a relaxing effect on your back, especially when you lay on it for a short time to get a nap only. The thickness and the design of the sofa matters a lot in bringing comfort to your body that you need to have while using it. You definitely want to have the best sleeper sofa mattress when you make your purchase.

3. Foam Toppers

Well, just like the mattress of sleep sofa is important, the foam toppers on it also have the same level of importance because they also play their role in making it comfortable. You have to get the soft and comfortable foam topper for your sleep sofa to make the top of it softer for you. When you get to sleep on it, you will feel like you are laying on the clouds. This will give you a deep and satisfying sleep. Even if you take it for a short time. So, to get the right sleep sofa is not all that you have to do, you must get this foam topper accessory with it to completely enjoy the experience of sleep on a sleep sofa in your room. Check out our post on latex mattress toppers for our top choices.

4. Upholstery

Upholstery is majorly the kind of material that issued to make the sleep sofa. Well, by principle it should be very soft so that you get comfortable to sleep. This material is very soft, neither abrasive to make your back-feel discomfort and not soft like you feel uncomfortable while lying on it. It is the most perfect material for making the sleep sofa. Therefore, while buying them, make sure you buy the one with this material to get the most comfortable sleep ever. This is another feature of a sleep sofa that must be kept in mind.

Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofa


The best sleeper sofa has all the above features mentioned in the article. If you miss any one of these, you would probably not be able to buy the right sleeper sofa for yourself. To do it in the right way, you have to gain knowledge about it and then work on it Then you can go for buying it in the market. You have to be very clear about what you want to buy, only then you will find the right size, design, and style for your room. You cannot blindly go for buying it because that will only lead to bad shopping. So, to avoid that, get the required information from above, and also search online or maybe get the advice from friends and family to end up with the right sleeping sofa for your room.

Check Out Our Top Picks:

#1 FDW Sofa Sectional Futon Sofa Bed Living Room Sofas Couches and Sofas Corner Sofa Set Sleeper Sofa Faux Leather Queen

A sectional sleeper sofa is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can have in yourFDW Sofa Sectional Futon Sofa Bed Living Room Sofas Couches and Sofas Corner Sofa Set Sleeper Sofa Faux Leather home. The sectional sofa comes as an L-shaped or U-shaped couch that you can convert to a bed whenever you want to have a nap. It’s known as a sectional sofa because the sofa consists of multiple sections that are fitted together to form the L or U shape.

If you are in the market for a quality sectional sofa, you don’t have to look further than the FDW sectional sofa bed sleeper. It’s a great addition to all types of living rooms because you can change the sofa seats to get whatever shape that’s working best for your living space. The product comes with soft PU and plush cushions to improve comfort levels. This article provides a comprehensive review of the FDW sectional sofa for your living room.

The FDW sectional sofa offers the best experience when you are relaxing in your home. Your family and friends will be surprised as to where you got such a versatile sofa. The sofa is a masterpiece that guarantees durability and comfort with its ability to be altered into any shape to suit the needs of your family and living space. The smooth pulling out bed, strong frame, and ease of assembly are some of the salient features of this product. It has firm padding and a comfortable cushioned back to further improve the comfort levels. You can easily clean even the toughest stains from this sofa. The PU leather and high-resilience sponge make it easier to clean and maintain the sofa. It’s wear-proof and dirt-proof. The fabric resists stains and moisture. The two cushions are removable and are made of dense foam for durability. That’s why you need to invest in this product of you are looking for a quality sectional sofa for your living room.

The adjustable headrest lets you sleep on the couch to watch your favorite TV show. It only takes three seconds to convert this sectional sofa into a sofa bed. The easy assemble feature is another advantage of this product. You can assemble the entire sofa in less than 10 minutes. The sofa comes with all the tools needed for assembling the product. It’s easy to transport the sofa from one place to another in your home. The sofa has a longer chaise which is around 75.2 inches. It’s ideal for a comfortable sleep or for watching your favorite TV show while lying down on the sofa.

The sofa is made of metal and solid wood. Solid wood is stronger than pine wood – which most of the other sofas are made of. The metal and solid wood combination make the entire sofa stronger than most of its competitor products on the market. The sofa is quite affordable even with all of its superior qualities. That’s why you need to invest in the FDW Sectional Futon-Contemporary Sleeper Sofa without further delay. The aforementioned review will facilitate your buying decision.

#2 Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Zeb Sleeper Sofa – Contemporary Style Couch – Queen Size – Espresso

Are you in the market for a sofa couch? A sofa couch offers a lot of unique benefits that Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Zeb Sleeper Sofa - Contemporary Style Couch - Queen Size - Espressoyou wouldn’t get with a traditional couch. A sofa couch is ideal for those that want the added versatility of being able to turn their couch into an extra bed. Signature Design by Ashley has its Zeb Queen Contemporary Sleeper Sofa Couch which offers a lot of appeal to a potential buyer. Below, we will be going over more about this sofa couch in our review.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Sleeper Review-

1. Design

Whenever seeking new furniture, the first thing you will look at is its design, style, and aesthetic. The Zeb Queen offers a modern-looking design aesthetic that makes it suitable for just about any decor. It offers a much more minimalist design that is very popular in today’s marketplace. With its straight track arms and box cushion aesthetic, it really gives off a minimalist vibe. This allows for a lot of wiggle room when it comes to designing around it and you can really make the Zeb Queen pop with high contrasting pillows.

2. Material and Build Quality

This sofa couch is made up of some of the best materials you will find. It features microfiber upholstery for a very soft feel. The feet feature a faux wood finish and the sofa features a corner-blocked frame. The cushions are made up of high-resiliency foam and they are wrapped in a thick poly fiber for maximum durability and comfort. Along with this, the pull-out mattress is made up of memory foam which provides a very comfortable sleep. The memory foam mattress is breathable and it offers optimal airflow for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

3. It Offers Versatility

As with any sofa coach, you want to factor in the versatility of the furniture and whether or not it is easy to convert it from a sofa to a bed and vice versa. This particular sofa couch can be quickly transformed from a sofa to a pull-out bed very easily.

4. It Comes In Varying Sizes

This sofa couch comes in (3) different sizes. You can purchase it in twin size, full size, and queen size. Therefore, it can be suitable for virtually any room given the varying dimensions you will find it available in.

5. It Comes In Different Colors

You can purchase the Zeb sleeper sofa in (4) distinct colors. It comes in brown, charcoal, espresso, and quartz. Therefore, you should be able to find the ideal color to match your room’s aesthetic.

6. Should You Buy It?

The Ashley Furniture Signature Design Zeb Sleeper Sofa offers a lot. Not only is it a contemporary style couch with a minimalist aesthetic, but it features a full pull-out bed that can add versatile function to any room. For those looking for a sofa sleeper that doesn’t sacrifice build quality or comfort for better function, this is an ideal choice. Ashley Furniture manages to merge superior style, form and function, and comfort into one outstanding sofa sleeper. It is a great value for the money and it is available in 3 different sizes which means you should be able to find the optimal size to accommodate a smaller or larger sized room.

#3 Nirvana Futons Eastridge Futon / Sleeper Sofa Set – Queen Size, Frame, 8″ Mattress, Microfiber Sussex Fudge Cover

Are you searching for a futon that actually looks and looks like a couch? If so, you definitelyNirvana Futons Eastridge Futon Set - Queen Size Frame 8 Mattress Microfiber Sussex Fudge Cover want to consider the Nirvana Futons Eastridge Futon Set. It comes equipped with a frame, an 8-inch mattress, and a mattress cover.

One aspect that truly sets this futon apart from other futons is the beautifully constructed solid wood frame. This futon is made from 100% solid hardwood. The sides, back, and front are all finished allowing the freedom to place this futon anywhere in a room. The futon frame is constructed in Indonesia with eco-friendly materials.

Another pro to the futon frame is the functional armrests. They are the perfect spot to not only rest your arms but hold anything from a cold drink to a magazine. They will be a feature you are glad to have.

The cover is durable, comfortable, and very aesthetically pleasing. It comes in a wide variety of 10 covers, allowing you to choose what works best with your home’s décor. Another great feature of this futon is the ability to choose the type of fabric. You can choose between microfiber and twill, both extremely good fabrics for wear. The cover is tufted which prevents the mattress from becoming lumpy or separating. This has always been a problem for futons, and luckily this futon has addressed this issue and solved it.

This futon has three positions. It has the ability to be a sofa, a lounger, or a queen size sleeper. The mattress is a complete queen-size (60 in x 80 in). This will ensure your guests or whoever is sleeping on the futon has adequate space.

The mattress on this futon is made of a poly-cotton with multiple layers of high-density foam. This creates a mattress that is medium to the firm in support. This is the ideal softness for supportive and comfortable sleep. This mattress is proudly crafted in the United States of America and is made to order.

Another great thing about this product is the excellent warranty it comes equipped with. It has a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on the futon frame and a 4-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on the futon’s mattress.

It is worth noting the futon frame and mattress will arrive separately.

Priced right around $600 with free shipping, this futon, for the quality is a great buy. You not only get a solid piece of furniture but also an expertly made mattress that is comfortable as a couch or a bed. Whoever sleeps on this will be happy, rested, and comfortable.

The reviews for this futon are outstanding, almost all 5 stars. Customers are extremely pleased with their futon purchase. Purchasers did find it took about 4 hours all in all to assemble the futon frame. Customers were very happy with the comfort of the bed and loved the thickness and firmness of the mattress.

This futon is a great choice for those who are looking for something that is solid, beautifully constructed, but also comfortable. This is not your old school futon but maybe its more sophisticated cousin.

#4 Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Alliston Contemporary Sleeper Sofa – Queen Size Mattress Included

I was in dire need of a multi-functional piece of furniture in my living room. I have guests Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Alliston Contemporary Sleeper Sofa - Queen Size Mattress Includedover very often and it is a normal occurrence for the fun to last late into the night. I had been offering them little blow-up mattresses and couch cushions but felt like we were all getting a little too old for that. I was so excited when I found this extremely high-quality couch from Ashley furniture that doubles as a pull-out bed.

When I thought that I might need to go this route I hadn’t even considered that I could get something that looked like high quality, classy couch and have a mattress hidden inside. When I was younger everyone that I had experienced was less than attractive and definitely not nearly as comfortable as this has turned out to be. When the bed is folded inside you can’t even tell that it might be a sofa sleeper. In fact, I loved the reactions my friends had not only to my new couch but their reaction when I told them they could crash on it for the night if they wanted. They were excited before they even knew that there was a comfortable bed hidden inside.

I had considered purchasing the upgraded mattress but decided to wait and see what would be supplied with the couch. The mattress is actually just as comfortable as my own bed. Even if we don’t have guests we will pull it out to have a sleepover in the living room. The kids love it too as they can fit with a few of their friends comfortably.

When it comes to quality, one has to sit on it to really understand. It really is as comfortable as it looks in the picture. The cushions are extremely soft and do not hint at all to the fact that there is a mattress underneath. The sidearm supports are extremely fluffy. I often find myself cuddling into them as I watch movies with my family.

The faux leather isn’t as obvious as with other pieces that I have seen. They manufactured it in a way in which it looks classically aged and real. The added benefit is that it is easy to clean, reducing the concerns I had about my kids and pets quickly ruining it. It is also very touching and has stood up to both my cats and dogs running across it and making a bed for themselves when we aren’t home.

I really don’t have any complaints, which honestly isn’t common for me. If you are looking for something that is affordable, functional, and classy this is it. The grey color is really hot right now and goes with just about any decor. One of my favorite parts is that it even came completely assembled, but was fully protected to ensure there wasn’t any damage during shipping. It is definitely the best purchase that I have made in a while. I’m sure you will love it as much as we do.

#5 Poundex Bobkona Nathan Faux Leather SECTIONAL Sleeper Sofa with Pull-Out Bed & Compartment in Espresso

It is always a treat to have visitors come to your home and spend a few days. It really doesPoundex Bobkona Nathan Faux Leather SECTIONAL with Pull-Out Bed & Compartment in Espresso not matter whether they are friends, family, or workmates. What truly matters is being able to spend quality time with people who you like or love. Unfortunately, most people live in smaller homes or apartments and therefore, often do not have the extra bedroom to offer their guests. Is there something that can be done for these types of situations? Fortunately, yes there is and this short article will provide the perfect solution.

The solution is to purchase a faux leather sectional. This beautiful piece of furniture is not only practical but it is extremely attractive. Besides offering the homeowner a comfortable sectional for a living room, family room, or den, it is also is a lifesaver when expected or unexpected guests arrive. Besides, this sectional has amazing features and is reasonably priced.

1. Pull-out & Pop-up Bed

The pull- out/pop-up bed is perhaps the main feature of this affordable sectional. The sectional has a dual purpose. It serves as a well-made sectional for sitting while at the same time offering the flexibility of changing into a comfortable bed for sleeping. This means that when guests arrive, you can enjoy sitting on the sectional while watching television, entertaining, or catching up on old times. Afterward, when everyone is sleepy and ready to call it a night, you can turn it into a comfortable bed.

2. Flip-up Storage Compartment

In a small home or apartment, storage space becomes a premium. This unique sectional provides an added storage compartment for whatever you desire. In fact, you can store all of the extra bedding and pillows in the compartment. Owners of this piece of furniture simply fall in love with the added storage compartment.

3. Loose Back Pillows

The pillows at the back of the sectional are loose as opposed to fixed. The advantages of this feature are extra space for the sleeping area, pillows can be easily removed and cleaned, and the pillows can be used in other applications.

4. Tufted Seat & Back

People may not realize the added feature that a tufted seat and back offer. It not only adds beauty to the sectional but increases the furniture’s longevity. Since the sectional’s seat and back are reinforced every few inches with tufts, the sofa is less likely over time to sag. Tufted furniture will last a lot longer than non-tufted furniture.

Tufted furnishings are more attractive because they provide a level of depth and texture to any given room. They also have the ability to soften what can sometimes be an overall harsh appearance in modern design. The combination of the tufted seat and back along with the espresso color make this an exceptionally attractive sectional.

5. Easy Assembly & Tools Included

Finally, it is important to note that the sectional does not come assembled. However, it does come with easy to read instructions and a complete set of tools. Assembling the sectional is easy and simple to do.

#6 Nirvana Futons Westfield Futon Frame – Queen Size, Solid Hardwood

I love having my family sleepover. My little cousin and I often stay up playing video Nirvana Futons Westfield Futon Frame - Queen Size Solid Hardwoodgames and watching silly documentaries on Netflix. Before, I only had a regular sofa to give her when it was finally time for us to wind down and sleep. I felt bad. It was difficult to take a nice, comfy bed and have her sleep on something that simply wasn’t designed for that purpose. As she comes over often, and I really enjoy hanging out with her, the problem had to be fixed. To do that, I bought the Nirvana Futons Westfield Futon Frame.

She had no complaints. It’s a futon bed that’s perfectly fine for those with no serious back issues. It gave her the opportunity to stretch out. She was able to sleep for longer periods of time without the anxiety of worrying about falling off the couch.

When I have to sleep on a couch, I often find that I sleep on something wrong. Do you know that feeling? It’s like you’ve dislocated something! With this convertible sofa, there’s no chance of waking up with an extremely sore arm due to its ability to fold out into a full-sized bed. I’ve slept on it a few times myself when I had my grandma over. I felt like it would be nice to give someone 60 years my senior the nicest bed in the house. I wasn’t at all let down by the comfort and sturdiness of the pull-out sofa. It was exactly as comfortable as my bed!

It’s a piece of furniture that’s nice enough to keep around for a while. It’s made with real wood that’s heavy-duty. It’s not vulnerable to breakage or cracks. I think a full-grown, heavy man could sleep on it and feel secure that it’s going to hold him up.

It has to be set up; however, I didn’t really mind. It was easy enough for me to set up by myself. The instructions say, two people. It could have possibly been even easier. Don’t worry about it if you don’t have another person. It’s an easy and fast set up for one too.

Some fold out couches neither does the job of providing a comfortable couch or bed. This one did both. When we’re both sitting on the couch playing video games, we can do so for hours without feeling stiff or uncomfortable. It has beautiful, velvet, green apostasy. I’d advise that you be careful with food or drinks on the couch. It’s the type of fabric that a stain’s hard to lift out of. The wood finishing of the arm and legs is absolutely beautiful. It’s a rich, bronze-honey colored wood. I have the green one, but it also comes in red.

Overall, I would have to say that I definitely do not regret this purchase. It is both stylish and comfortable. For the price, it’s at amazing quality. It looks stylish, while also serving an important function. It’s allowed me to have more visitors stay the night. Pull-out sofas have definitely advanced from what they used to be. Now it’s comfort and style.

#7 DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed, Modern Convertible Couch With Chrome Legs Quickly Converts into a Bed, Rich Vanilla White Faux Leather

I personally have always loved furniture that was smaller, but for years all you could find DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed Modern Convertible Couch With Chrome Legs Quickly Converts into a Bed Rich Vanilla White Faux Leatherwere large, bulky couches that needed tons of space. I was specifically looking for a couch that had the ability to convert into a bed. I don’t have guests, but when I do I like to be able to offer them a comfortable place to sleep. I knew when I started my search that I didn’t want to invest in another large piece of furniture nor did I want something that would be too heavy to easily move around my home.

A friend of mine had recommended that I check out the new futon styled couches that are available. I absolutely fell in love, but the reviews had me concerned. Many were made of such cheap materials that they quickly fell apart or even broke while they were being assembled. Even if I was looking for something the wasn’t very expensive, it definitely should be able to last for some time into the future.

Just as I was getting discouraged I found this piece. The first thing that struck me was that it was made out of faux leather. While I find the fabric upholstered futons appealing, I loved this feature as it would be easy to clean. I also liked the color as it would enhance any decor that I might upgrade to in the future. The size was absolutely perfect for the space that I wanted it for, but I was concerned that it wouldn’t be as easy to construct and recline as the description stated.

Fortunately, once it arrived I quickly realized that I had nothing to be worried about. This is one of the easiest build projects that I have ever done. I’m by no means inclined towards this type of work, so I was relieved that I didn’t need to call in reinforcements for help. I can tell you that if I could do it, you definitely can. I did notice right away that the company took more care than others in packaging it to ensure that there wasn’t damage during shipping. This helped to alleviate the stress I typically have when ordering products online. It was clear that they truly care about their products and customers.

When it comes to reclining it, that is easier than I could have imagined. It doesn’t require the help of anyone else and once it is reclined it is very stable. If you ever have had a futon like this, or know someone that does, you likely have come across some that really aren’t able to accommodate people using them to sleep. Not only is this very stable, but it is comfortable as well. Other options can be bumpy, leaving much to be desired. I even like to recline it from time to time to lay down and watch movies with my husband. I highly recommend this couch for your next piece of furniture, you will be absolutely amazed at the quality.

#8 Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Futon, Velvet

Finding a comfortable futon is arguably just as important as finding a comfortable bed.Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Futon Velvet After all, you might even spend more time on your futon than your actual bed. Because of this, you want to sort through the options to find one that is comfortable, and that meshes well with your aesthetic. Below, we will be going over more in our review of the Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Futon.

1. Classic Design

When searching for furniture, one of the main things that you are likely going to be using to dictate your purchasing decision would be its design. Finding a futon that meshes well with your living room aesthetic is key. For anyone that is looking for a classic and vintage design, you will not find a better option available on the market. The Novogratz Tallulah futon offers velvet upholstery with slanted wooden legs. Therefore, you are getting a premium and vintage-looking design aesthetic to bring a classic appeal to any room.

2. Comfort

Comfort is largely subjective. However, there are certain materials that will yield better results in the comfort department. This futon features perhaps one of the most comfortable materials you can find on a futon. This futon is made up of high-density foam and memory foam which helps yield superb comfort whether sitting down or lying down on the material. Along with this, as with a traditional futon, the back can be fully reclined to offer both lounging and sleeping positions. Therefore, you can sit or lay in this futon in multiple ways with its versatile design.

3. Minimal Assembly Required

The futon is one of the easiest to assemble on the market. The futon itself ships in a single box and it requires very little effort to get it assembled and to begin using it.

4. Available In 6 Different Colors

This particular futon is available in (6) different colors. You can purchase it in blue velvet, gray velvet, green velvet, light green velvet, mustard yellow velvet, and pink velvet. Because of this, you have plenty of colors to choose from no matter what kind of decor you are looking to match.

5. Durability

When you are searching for furniture like a futon, you should value materials used to rate its durability. This particular piece is made up of soft velvet upholstery that sits on a wooden frame with high-density foam and memory foam. Therefore, you are getting the highest quality materials that should offer exceptional durability as memory foam is designed to last for a long time.

6. Is It Worth It?

The Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Futon is easily one of the best vintage futon designs you will find on the marketplace. However, it not only offers a great design, but it offers a multi-functional appeal to go along with it. With an easy assembly process and its superior comfort in every aspect, it is one of the most value-packed futons available. Because of its value proposition, it is a recommended purchase for anyone looking for a futon with a vintage aesthetic.

#9 Ashley Jarreau Mid Century Blue Upholstered Sofa Chaise Sleeper

Are you in the market for a sofa chaise sleeper? If so, you will want to check out Ashley’s Jarreau Mid-Century upholstered sofa chaise sleeper.Ashley Jarreau Mid Century Blue Upholstered Sofa Chaise Sleeper It is one of the top options in the market for a reason. In this review, we will be discussing some of its most prominent features and whether or not we would recommend buying it.

1. Design

This sofa chaise sleeper offers a very clean and minimal design. It offers a very clean-lined frame with traditional and timeless seam piping.

2. Comfort

This soda chaise features high-resiliency foam cushions which are capable of maintaining good structure and providing ample comfort. These cushions are upholstered in a textured polyester that is comfortable to lay on. Along with the cushions, the pull-out cushion sits on top of a very durable and sturdy steel frame. With its clean lines and appearance, it only helps to merge its contemporary appeal with form and function.

3. Size

This sofa chaise sleeper is designed to fit well in smaller living spaces like apartments. This is primarily because of its compact size. The sofa chaise measures in at (84″ W x 51.5″ D x 36.5″ H).

4. Easy Assembly

As with any piece of furniture, you don’t want to get one that has a complicated assembly process. This sofa chaise is shipped directly from the manufacturer and it comes with easy to follow instructions with all of the tools and hardware you need for assembly in its package.

5. Versatility

As mentioned, this is a very versatile sofa chaise. Not only does it feature plenty of room to sprawl out without the pull-out feature, but it also comes with a pull-out cushion that you can use which is only going to improve the amount of space one has to lay down and get comfortable. Because it can be tucked away effortlessly, it offers a good amount of versatility for someone that is looking to conserve space while it is not in use. Thus, it can operate as a traditional corner sofa by tucking away the pull-out cushion.

6. Color Choices

In order to make a purchasing decision, you will likely want to ensure that the sofa chaise is going to be suitable for your decor and your overall room’s aesthetic. This particular sofa chaise comes in two distinct colors. You can choose either blue which is a darker shade of blue or a traditional gray color. Either one is versatile enough to fit well in a modernly styled room.

7. Should You Buy It?

This sofa chaise is a great choice for anyone that might not have a lot of space to work with. Because the sofa chaise is a relatively compact option, you won’t be wasting a lot of space by adding it. Along with this, it will add a lot of versatility and function to your room with its added pull-out cushion which can make it suitable for comfortable sleeping. Ashley Furniture is known for producing some of the highest quality pieces of affordable and stylish furniture on the market and this one is no exception. It offers great value for the money which makes it an excellent buy for anyone.

#10 DHP Hamilton Estate Premium Futon Sleeper Sofa, Comfortable Plush Microfiber Upholstery, Rich Grey

Are looking to provide your guests with a comfortable place to sleep instead of having toDHP Hamilton Estate Premium Futon Sofa Sleeper Comfortable Plush Microfiber Upholstery Rich Grey crash on a crammed couch? Or do you simply want to add a versatile seating space in your apartment? If so, consider buying the DHP Hamilton Estate futon; a highly functional, stylish, and affordable piece of furniture.

Available in merlot, grey, or black, this plush, comfortable, and stylish futon sofa is designed to fit perfectly in your spare bedroom, den, or living room. More importantly, you can acquire this impressive piece of furniture without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Assembly

This futon sofa is designed for easy and convenient transportation and assembly. Everything that you require to assemble this sofa bed is conveniently packed in a compartment just underneath the futon. To set it up, just put together the strong and highly durable wooden frame.

To convert the sofa into a bed, you simply need to lay it flat. For added support, the futon comes with six legs. The extra pair of legs are stored in the compartment beneath the futon (as mentioned above). The bottom end of all the legs of the DHP Hamilton futon is lined with felt padding to keep them from scraping your floors.

2. Pros

Here are some of the main reasons why this product has accumulated so many positive reviews from numerous customers.

3. Versatility

Whether you want a comfy place to sit on and relax or are looking to lay back and sleep comfortably, this futon sofa does it all. All you need to do to move from a seating to a sleeping position is to lay this split-back sofa flat! While it is almost as big as a full-size bed when laid flat, as a couch this futon sofa can comfortably accommodate around four individuals.

4. Stylish

To ensure that this piece of furniture adds a bit of flair and style to any space, it comes with a stunning finish. This is mainly due to the impressive plush microfiber finish. The classic wood frame also works to further enrich the sofa’s stylish appeal.

5. Comfortable

When it comes to seating or sleeping surfaces, comfort is essential. The DHP Hamilton futon sofa has a thick seating surface with foam layer making it possible for you or your friends to lounge or sleep on it comfortably for hours.

6. Cons

While the DHP Hamilton futon sofa is nothing but spectacular, meeting most people’s expectations, it does have some slight limitations.

For starters, the futon’s dimensions make it unsuitable for very tall users. Anyone taller than 5’5’’ might find their legs hanging when laying on the futon.


All in all, from the above, it is easy to see just why the DHP Hamilton Estate futon is considered to be a steal at its price. The futon sofa is not only functional but also offers comfort and style levels far greater than its price range. The sturdy and durable wooden frame combined with the firm but comfortable seating surface ensures that buyers will be enjoying its use for years to come; thus getting the most value from their investment.


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